Thursday, 8 December 2011

10 Tips to Avoid Frequent Disconnection of BSNL Broadband

Bsnl Dataone broadband is one of the leading broadband internet service providers across india. They have good speed and connectivity even in rural areas. However they use the old land phone lines to provide broadband in homes. So if your landline got disconnected, you cant apply for broadband.

The wire communication has its own advantage s and disadvantages. In the case of Dataone broadband, the direct connection ADSL (asymmetric Digital Subscriber Loop) gives good speed for internet but the ADSL requires noise free connection also. This requirement will fail to satisfy when there are noise affected areas in the communication Line.

The Noise affected phone line could cause broadband to disconnect frequently and you can see the ADSL indicating LED on the modem starts blinking when the connection is lost. Also interned LED will goes to red indicating the deviceis dialling up before obtaining IP address successfully by PPP. The internet may reconnect automatically but the chances of frequent disconnections are high.

This problem is mainly caused by the line problem. A BSNL employee could rectify the problem on the line and solve this problem. However if you want to ensure connectivity always, follow these hints.

1. Avoid Excess line joints - So many joints from DP box to your home connecting wire will cause noise to be affect the signal. So if your phone line have lots of joints Twined together, request a replace of phone cable in your local exchange.

2. Ensure you have the best SNR (signal to noise ratio) : Signal to noise ration is simply the figure indicating how much noise in your signal. More value is better, unit is in DB.

To check your SNR: point your web browser to
user name :admin
Password : admin

For a stable connection, you should have upstream and downstream SNR more than 6db. However this is not the recommended value, average of greater than 20Db is required to avoid frequent disconnections.

3. Check your phone for noise. If you can hear even small hiss or noise along with dial tone, then go straight with checking yor phone line.

4.Make sure that the telephone cable connections are secure at the modem and at the splitter unit

5. Make sure that the telephones connected are not faulty. A faulty telephone could cause internet disconnection.

6. Make sure that all telephone instruments are connected at the phone jack of the splitter and no instruments are connected parrallel to line or modem jack of the splitter.

7. Make sure the cables to modem are not coiled. This important to make sure any cables and connecting cord's are not coiled much because the coiled cables have less immunity to electromagnetic interferance.

8. Make existing joints rust free. Cut and renew the joints if the telephone has noise. Make sure the open joints are not exposed to environments. Rain causes to grow crust on joints easily.

9. Make sure the line attenuation rates re below 60db. This can also be checked by

10. If you cant figure out the problem, just call bsnl customer service, they will do the rest compensating time.

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