Monday, 5 December 2011

DreamScene for Windows XP with Videos

Dreamscene Waterfall
Dreamscene Waterfall
For all those who didn’t migrate or upgrade to Windows Vista or Windows 7 may not be knowing about DreamScene.Dreamscene is a feature which allows you to set any video as a wallpaper. This feature first appeared in Windows Vista OS and doesn’t comes with XP by default. If you are on Xp and want to experience DreamScene right on your desktop without upgrading, then this is for you.

Xp Dream interface
Xp Dream interface
Paciman, user at Deviantart has created this application called DreamXP which allows to get real dreamscene features on Windows XP.
Easy 3-Step with instructions:
- Choose the video you want to use
- Create the “DreamHTML”
- Configure the ActiveDesktop item.
Note: If you want your previous wallpaper or want to change the wallpaper just go to control panel “Appearance And Themes” and “Desktop” and go to Desktop Tab Restore your wallpaper.

DreamScene Beautiful Video Collection

36 Dreamscrene Video collection
36 Dreamscene Video collection
After installing DreamXP, you may need cool videos to set as desktop background so, here I am sharing with you a collection of 36 cool videos in MPG and WMV format.
Download it fromRapidshareorEasyshare.

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