Friday, 9 December 2011

Identifying fake or spam torrents


What format is the file? If it is a multi file archive (e.g. .r01, .r02) then it is probably a fake because there is no need for it to be compressed also it may require a password. Also if it is a .WMV file, then it is almost certainly fake, no professional uploaders use this file format.


Any torrent that requires a survey to be filled in is almost likely to be fake, don't waste your time and/or money


How many seeders and leechers are there? If there is thousands of seeders and only one leecher, it is likely that it is fake because of being so unpopular.

NFO files

It can save you a lot of time by just downloading the extra .txt/nfo files with the download first and viewing them. If they ask you to fill out a survey then its a fake.


When you have noticed any of the above and you have good reason to believe it's fake - rate it! By rating it, it will get knocked off our system in no time so nobody else ends up falling for it. Always read comments and just because someone says it works doesn't always mean it's true!

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