Tuesday, 13 March 2012

5 Top ways to Reduce your PC Boot Time

Are you tired of the time your PC takes to boot?
Do you want your PC to start-up at a blink of an eye?
If your answer is yes then you are on the way to enjoying a limited boot time on your PC just by following this 5 top simple ways to reduce your PC boot time steps.

Difficulty: Normal
PC are meant to be quick to access, but due to some usual things that do occur, it tends turn the other way round, at times things we do to our PC reduces the speed of the PC.
PC are machines that makes work faster and easily done, so why will your PC now take forever to boot, these are 5 simple ways you could avoid this sluggishness just start from here
1). Open the Msconfig through these process
>Click Start > Open Run > type msconfig >hit enter, Under general choose selective start-up, Under start-up here you will find a long list of start-up program remove the one you are sure its not a window program, after that click  Boot.INI and reduce the timeout delay time from 30 secs to 3 secs, then click ok and restart the PC and check the speed out.
2). Ensure you have an updated antivirus program running, not only running antivirus will protect your PC, but getting a spyware and adware removal program to remove all the spyware,adware and malware programs off your PC.
3). Ensure you delete temporary internet or installation dump files from your PC regularly by simply following this process
>Click Start >Run >type %temp% and hit enter then from the folder opened make sure the folder is named Temp and the Address on the windows explorer is written thus {C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp} Select all the folders and delete all the files and folders in it.
4). Ensure you defragment your PC’s Harddrive at least once in a month to delete all the other temporary be it internet or the others, making sure no program is running before you do this,and you can do this by following this steps
>Start > Control panel > Administrative tools > Computer management >Disk Defragmental then defragment the drives on your PC
5). A lot of times, computer users install a lot of programs because they saw it, and these programs do not get used even in five month on a minimum measure, I ll advice you not to install programs if you are not ready to use them except from basic programs like ms word, pdf reader, java and so on, because most of them start-up with the PC and slow it down a lot of times.
I hope this article tells you more about speeding up your PC and what you should do save your PC from sluggishness.
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