Friday, 23 March 2012

Mp3 Search Engine

        Mp3 is the buzzword in the industry. This has become the de facto standard for the audio industry all over the world. There are a number of popular audio search engines available on the internet today. Our very own Google successfully performs the searching but has its limitation at certain aspects and forms.
Today we will be reviewing the The engine was started in the year 2000 and is mainly concerned with the searching of the MP3 files only. When you visit this site all the available songs are arranged in the alphabetical order and it can be useful sometimes when we search for a particular track. Another innovation that has been done on the homepage is the populating a list of top 50 most downloaded songs in the recent past. So if you are looking to download music for free then you must check this site out.

mp3 search engine

          The website has option for those who want to download free songs as well as for those who want to opt for paid download. I have searched for several local bands of US and India but the results were not so impressive.
          Once you have selected a certain track for purchase or download, there are a number of tabs that contain different information, offers and other stuffs that are related to the track. You have the power of social media interaction these days and you can easily share your track on a variety of platforms of social media. You can stream the audio track and can also add your comments and reviews in a special area that is dedicated for the comments. You might get the lyrics of the song also.
          Simply search for the songs using the search box or navigate according to the alphabetical listing. The site has a list of top 50 in US, World and Downloads. The website claims to have more than 1.5 million files in its index and there are a number of websites that will offer the free music throughout the world. Therefore you are advised to look for the free version of the track before going for the paid download.

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