Tuesday, 27 March 2012

How to crack Windows XP password

          Are you one of those that changes log-in password several times in a single day, week or even month? and all the times you do these you end up loosing the password and you run into formatting the operating system always just because of a slight mistake……. well there should be worries what so ever, here is a solution to your problem.
          The only thing you need to get is an original windows XP cd from a local computer software dealer, after which you will follow these steps and get it done.
Step 1: In your PC’s setup option find advance settings, and go to boot option
Step 2: Set your PC first boot device to dvd/ cd drive
Step 3: Insert the windows Xp into the dvd/cd drive of your PC and re-boot
Step 4: At the first screen shot, press any key to boot from cd or dvd drive and wait till the next stop of setup
Step 5: In this option, press enter to set up windows XP now, accept the license agreement
Step 6: At these next option, you should see these C://windows xp bla bla bla, press R for repair and wait….
Step 7: Immediately setup reboots your PC to the next parts, press and hold shift + F10
Step 8: Then enter, Net User space new password twice, for example, administrator 753753 753 and then enter the message you get is password was successfully changed. then type exit and wait for the complete repairs installation.
that’s all you need to do.

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