Saturday, 12 May 2012

Scratches on Mobile Phone Touchscreen Will be Thing of Past with Self Repair Technology

              Technology is advancing and so is the screen size of our smartphone(s), but one of the persistent problems are the scratches on the touchscreens
             Gorilla Glass made the screen stronger and more resistant but didn’t prove to be a solution.
            Almost all of us use screen protectors to protect the screens from scratches, but they need replacing. Japanese company Toray has come up with the solution in the form of a touchscreen film that self repairs in 10 seconds.


               The film is not new as Toray has been offering it as a decorative solution for laptop casings and other larger devices.  Till now it wasn’t considered for actual screens but the company is all set to move to mass production after tweaking some properties. At room temperature the film is capable of self repairing minor scratches in 10 seconds. The company also claims that the film won’t peel off or crack as it is very elastic. The film allows 90% of light to pass through and haze is 1% or less which is comparable to the film’s used currently.
               Now the main question is WILL IT LAST? According to tests conducted by Toray, no degradation in performance was noticed even after 20,000 scratches.  The company has high hopes and estimates to earn about $24.3 million by 2014. So you can imagine a future using one of these films and keeping your screen new everyday everytime.

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