Sunday, 12 August 2012


SMS Channels LogoGoogle India, recently launched a new service called Google labs SMS channels, this service is launched in India exclusively !!! its currently not available for international users. The Google SMS channel is same as subscription of updates through e-mails. As we know that now a days all people are using mobile handsets, even school going children have mobile handsets. So Google planned this and launched this amazing service.
You just need to subscribe to any SMS Channel in there directory according to your choice and you will get updates directly to your inbox [Free of cost].You can get updates like “Google Tech news“,”Weather reports“, etc. Even you can create your own Channel or group to send SMSs to your group member. For bloggers this is good service to stay connected with there users, because it supports the RSS Feeds too. !!
Google SMS Channel currently supporting india’s almost all mobile service providers for sending the SMSs. Hope so this service will gain popularity soon.
Me too created my blogs SMS Channel, If you want such updates directly to your mobile inbox just do subscribe to Mobi SMS Channel.

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