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hacker-avatarDo you want to hack the friends E-mail or Orkut or Myspace password ? Its simple than installing a software. really… . But remember this may break your friendship.
Hacking the account passwords through softwares is different and the trick i am giving here is totally different. Actually i am not giving you the trick to hack the password, this trick is to protect yourself from hacking attempts or protecting your account from your dear HACKER friends.
So, are you ready ?
This time you do not need any thing to perform this activity.
Read on….
>> Are you using Firefox ?
Firefox is most popular web browser in the world, most secure, fast and many other facilities like plugin support, addons, themes etc. But you can hack the passwordsusing this Firefox.
Whenever you enter your password in your firefox it will ask you to remember it or not. Most of the people click “yes remember my password” for future use. But this is the key to hack the password.

If you clicked “Remember” the password is saved in Firefox. The retrial of the password is quite simple.
If you clicked “Remember” the password is saved in Firefox. The retrial of the password is quite simple.
Just open Firefox >> Go to Tools >> Options >> Security >>
In this menu you will see one option called “Saved passwords” click it, and then click on “Show Passwords” and then …. All passwords will be in front of you with username and respective websites.
Actually this post is not meant to teach you hacking, this post written to protect yourself from such attacks, never remember your password in your system. Some people also click “Remember” in local PCs like College, Office, or Cyber cafe. But after reading this post you will surely take care of this.
Even if you want that your firefox should remember your password, you can protect your passwords using “Master password” facility. Select Master password, so that when ever you open any site which needs your login i.e. username and password which is saved in Firefox, it will ask you for “Master Password” enter that and securely login.
This prompt will annoy you for few days, but for security point of view this is really important.

These images will show you how to set the “Master password”.


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