Thursday, 16 August 2012

Top 7 Tips Increase Alexa Rankings

Alexa is the world's leading provider of Global web metrics. Almost every new blogger intensively desire to have an admirable Alexa rank. From an advertiser's point of view, the Alexa rankings is a reasonable representation of a blog’s or website's traffic. The lower the Alexa rank, the better. Having better Alexa rankings in a short span needs a lot of struggle and hard work because it's not an easy task after all. I've listed some quality tips below to increase your overall Alexa Traffic Rank


Download and use Alexa Toolbar!

The Alexa Toolbar is used to monitor and to evaluate the stats of a blog or website. If you or any of your visitors has the toolbar installed, it counts in the increase of rankings. It's co-related to your blog's traffic, the more your blog has it, the better the Alexa Ranking. Download the Alexa Toolbar.

Publishing Quality Posts

The content is the main factor of your blog in terms of getting visitors. The more quality posts you have published on your blog, the more you'd receive traffic which would ultimately increase your Alexa rankings. Draw Google's Attention to your blog by choosing the title of your content wisely. Google loves lists, How-Tos, FAQs, helps.

Post Timings (Very Important!)

Just Writing and publishing posts won't help you attain a respectable Alexa Traffic rank. Identifying the optimum time of publishing posts is very important in terms of your blog's ranking. In South Asia normally 12:00 am (around 2:00 pm in the US) is the optimum time of posting (based on mine and many other fellow bloggers' experience)

Be Consistent in Posting!

You need to be consistent in writing for your blog. Updating your blog frequently, like 1-2 times a day would lead your blog to get a good rank. The more consistency your blog would have, the more better would your Alexa Rank plus your blog would become more search engine friendly.

Get Backlinks!

While checking your blog's Alexa rankings, you might have noticed the total number of links to your blog beneath your current Alexa rank. That's because along with the posting frequency, the backlinks to your blog does play a vital role in having an admirable Alexa rank. You'd have to promote your blog as much as you can to get good sum of link backs. Guest Posting can help you get quality targeted backlinks. (We are currently accepting guest posts)

Install Alexa Widget on your blog!

Like the Alexa Toolbar, the Alexa Widget is a tool for the webmasters and bloggers to display their blog's current traffic stats on their blog. All you have to do is to register your blog or website and place the code of their widget onto your blogs/websites.

Write About Alexa!

Writing about Alexa would help in increasing in the alexa ranking of your blog. Reason is that bloggers and webmasters love to know about the tips that would help them increase their alexa rankings. It may lead to an increase in the traffic as well as your ranking.

That's all, Drop your comments and suggestions below!

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