Saturday, 10 December 2011

7 Stupidest Mistake by Facebook Users

facebook logoAs we know Face book is very popular social network that why spammers and hackers target Here is list of 7 stupidest mistake by Face book users
1.Revealing Your complete Birth Date:People on face book revealing their complete birth date.Why would anyone give out their complete date of birth in a public setting? Because if anyone do this the others accounts may be compromised and identity thief or hackers may also use this info for hack your another account like E-mail account,Bank,credit card etc.
If you look forward to those countless birthday well wishes, just supply your month, date of birth and exclude the year.
2.Announcing You're Away:
You might as well swing open your front door and hang a sign out front that says “Gone fishin’” when you let folks know that you are away on vacation.
Robbers come in all shapes, colors, sexes and are from all walks of life, and they could well be masquerading behind fake aliases on Facebook.
So Do not tell about where are you going.
3.Using an Obvious Password:I saw that many people use simple passwords like their name,pet name,date of birth for their convenience but they do not know this is already easy for hackers.Use a mix password a combination of upper case ,lower case,0-9 and special character like @,#,$,% etc.
E.g REEbok*007 ,The same password is more difficult to guess R{{b0k*oo7
Note: we replace o with 0 and E with {  
4.Overlooking Privacy Controls:People on face book share every thing like photos,video,current city,Mobile no,E-mail id etc.These kind of information is used again identity Theft of user by hackers.So control your privacy against some people whom you do not know and don't accept friend request from unknown users.
5.Not Thinking Before You Post:Law enforcement officials, employers, and even insurers are snooping Facebook pages trying to scrounge up the goods on you.
So, don’t post anything that could land you in jail, get you fired from a job or have an insurer cancel your life insurance policy for supplying them with false info about your at-risk lifestyle.
One study done in 2009 by the internet security firm Proofpoint estimated that 8 percent of companies fired someone for “misuse” of social media.
And we have every reason to believe this will increase over time — don’t let yourself be part of these statistics.
6. Failing To use Private Message Feature:I saw that many people share some personal,confidential news on others wall.So don not do that for your safety.Use your private message feature to communicate with those selected few about upcoming events or forconversations that are just not meant for all to survey.
7.Mentioning The Names Of Your Kids Under 13:Is it really necessary to mention your children by name to a network of perhaps 12 real friends and 443 extended ”I don’t really know those folks but I friended them anyway” on your Facebook page?
Parents need to know that on the social web, safety is a shared responsibility Facebook between users and the site.
Unfortunately, there are plenty of undesirables like predators and kidnappers, who may have, or can gain access to your information  and a user’s safety depends on the user as much as on the site.
Do you really want these creeps to know your children Howie and Prudence’s names, or to know, where they go to school?
Giving your children privacy is an unwritten commonsense Facebook parental rule!  Follow it!

Readers, how often do you see people making these mistakes on Facebook? are you careful about how you use Facebook? please share your views.

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