Saturday, 10 December 2011

5 Things to know about New Facebook

Facebook is dad of all social network as it has million of user but after Google open registration for Google+ there are sudden increase in users of Google+. So Recently Facebook introduce some features so that  they can compete with Google+ in the privacy section.So here is complete guide so that you understand New face-book.

1. Real-time updates with Ticker:I think this is good step taken by Facebook because in this Ticker you can see lightweight activity like comment,about friendship etc in real time.Also this shows all your Apps activity like what apps you are using .you can comment on any story if you want in Ticker just simple hover mouse on any story and like or comment what you want.Have a look of Ticker in below Picture

Complete Guide to know about New Facebook

2.News Feed divided in Two section :As we know Facebook shows recent stories when you sign in .Now Facebook split News feed in two section.In 1 section you see recent Stories and in other section you see Top Stories and Most important stories at the top, marked with a blue triangle. These updates include posts from friends and Pages, photo tags, friend requests, event updates, and group activity.Have a look on


3.Profile section is updatedFacebook is rolling out New Profile look which is called "Timeline".What the benefit of Timeline: In this you can see any status,Photo,video etc. by just visiting the exact date what you want.Previously if you want to see any status which is posted last year then you can see only by just clicking on "load more entries" to reach last year status.I think this very hard step to find out last year status But in Timeline you can easliy see status,photo etc. in any year.Also you have more control on Privacy,Apps settings and you can customize any settings in your own way. 

4.New social apps: Previously, if you were to track a run with the Nike+ app and share it on Facebook, your activity in the News Feed would take friends to another Web site, where they could see more info about your activity. Now, services like Nike+ will be integrated with your Timeline. So the next time you track a run, the activity and a map of your run will appear on your profile--there's no need to leave Facebook.   

5.Listen, watch, and read with your friends:

  • Listen: Facebook has partnered with Spotify, Mog, iheartradio, Rhapsody to help you discover new music and listen to songs with friends.If any freinds listning any song then this shows in Ticker and if you click on this activity then you can also listen that song which is your friend listning.
  • Watch:Like Listening you can also see video with your friends.To do enjoy video face book patnered with Hulu and Netflix.
  • Read:If your friend reading any news on Face book then you can also read the same news with your friends.

So what you think about these new features do comment and share your views??

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