Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Facebook Group Video Chat : Multiple Video Chat on Facebook Hangout

Facebook Video Chat already created a buzz which was said to be an answer to Google Plus Hangout. The Skype powered Facebook Video chat allowed us to have 1 on 1 chat while Google+ Hangout allowed involvement of multiple profiles. In similar way, Social Hangout allows us to have Group Video chat on Facebook.

Social Hangouts is a 3rd party Facebook Application offering group video chat facility with your Facebook Friends upto 20 at a time.
Group Video Chat Facebook
To begin with, go to Social Hangout Application > Invite your friends with whom you want to chat and start. Camera screen will soon fetch your video and other video windows will be activated as soon as your friends start joining the video chat room.
Facebook isn’t offering this feature officially (at the moment though proposed) but thanks to Apps like this are in favor of Facebook giving a silent answer to Google+ Hangout.

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