Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Facebook has video calling now | Start Facebook Video Chat in Browser

Call it as an answer by Facebook against the Google+’s Hangout or whatever, Facebook now integrates Video Chat. And this is what Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg mean by the statement that his company would be announcing “something awesome” last week.

The Facebook Chat window got an overhaul with a new clean look. A  video-call button on the top and a button for full screen view for the text chat that’s the Facebook message.
Besides the video chat Facebook also throwing in all new group-chat, this will allow you to have conversation with multiple people at the same time. Facebook has worked on their chat to make is more stable and better to hold good with most of the browsers out there.  To sum up Facebook will have smarter sidebar, group chat, and integrated video conferencing soon.
Facebook with the help of Skype gives a better video chat service than that Google+ offers as of now. Rumors on Facebook’s video chat service started with the launch of Google+ Hangouts, a service that allows users to video chat with more than ten friends at a time.
All you need is to install a small app once and you’re ready to party. Here is some previews on look and feel of it.

facebook video chat window

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