Saturday, 10 December 2011

Facebook launched a new "like" smiley for Chat

 As we know smiley is very important when we chatting and facebook is most popular for chatting.So there are many smiley in facebook chat box but there is new "Like" smiley which  looks like facebook like button.See image below.

 How to use this New Like smiley while Chatting:
Just type (y) in chat box

 Other active Facebook Smileys: 
  • Happy- :-) or :)
  • Really Happy or laughing- :-D or :D
  • Wink- ;-) or ;)
  • Laughing Eyes- >:o
  • Tongue- :-P or :P
  • Cat Smile – :3
  • Grumpy- >:(
  • Shocked- :-O or :O
  • Cool Shades- 8-) or 8)
  • Dork- -_-
  • Kiss- :*
  • Love- <3
So what are you waiting use this smiley while chatting and amezed your friends.Also share this article with your friends.Share yor views about this smiley.(Via

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