Wednesday, 7 December 2011

How To Change The Default Blue Color of Facebook

From the very first day Facebook is obsessed with the color blue. Till date there is no inbuilt option for a user to change the default blue color to a user defined custom colors. Now Firefox users can change the default color of Facebook and strike off the draggy wall.

How to set custom Facebook Colors

  1. Please make sure GreasesMonkey is installed in your Firefox and is enabled. If you don’t have it please download and install it here.
  2. When you have Firefox and Greasemonkey download and install the Facebook Color Changeruser script.
    script install
  3. Now, when viewing any page on Facebook simply right click on the  Greasemonkey icon on Firefox and navigate to Userscript command –> Customize Facebook Color.
  4. Select the colours you’d like facebook to be, click “Set!”, and you’re done.
    green facebook
From next time on you will not see the boring blue color of Facebook any more and you can change it on weekly or daily basis to get a newly painted Wall every day. If you completely want to revamp the look of Facebook then you may try Facebook Themes.

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