Wednesday, 7 December 2011

How to change Facebook Themes

Like Orkut Themes or MySpace Layouts, Facebook doesn’t have any option natively to change colors or Themes of Facebook. So, to make your Facebook Profile stylish one, change the appearance of Facebook with Stylish addon. It will be really interesting to redesign Facebook or apply themes.
Stylish Addon allows you change the appearance by applying Facebook Themes. Basically, the styles for facebook is changed by applying User Scripts from
  1. Install Sylish Addon
  2. Login to Facebook
  3. Go to Facebook Themes Gallery
  4. Click on “Install with Stylish” Button
  5. Your Facebook is successfully changed.
facebook stylish themes
Not just Facebook, many other sites like Orkut, Youtube, etc can be changed with this addon.
Another method is using Naevis Facebook Layout which changes appearance for Internet explorer. It is a small program but not so impressive results, it just changes background images and nothing else.

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