Monday, 5 December 2011

How to Put Logo Image Watermark on Videos

How to Put Logo Image Watermark on Videos

                   Music Videos and Movies carry a Logo for example “Universal Studios” or “Sony” and I always wanted to add Image watermark to Videos. Though adding Text watermark is possible even with Windows Movie maker but Image Logo on Video looks professional. Here I share a Free software to put Image watermark or Add Logo to Videos.
Download Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate and install it on any variant of Windows OS.

Click on Add Video Button to import Video to be edited or on which Logo is to be added. iWisoft Video Converter supports almost all Video formats so any Video can be added.

Now, Click on Edit button which opens a new Video Editor Window. Below Video Preview and Playback buttons, there is Logo section.

Browse image file in Logo box. Image can be JPG, TIFF, BMP or PNG, Transparent PNG is recommended though to avoid obstruction in watching video. Logo Placement and Transparency can be customized here and you can check out the output preview Video in realtime.
Click OK and you are back to main Window. Here you can choose the output profile which are categorized according to need and Device.

Finally, specify the output Folder and click on Start button.
Depending on Length of video and your System Configuration, processing of video will take sometime.

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