Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Opera 11.60 Beta released for Windows

            Opera has released latest version of Web Browser called Opera 11.60 Beta, according to Opera.com
            The company has released beta version Opera 11, which brings a number of new features and slight improvements to the browser like new mail design and faster browsing experience with low memory usage.
Opera 11.60 Beta released for Windows
Opera 11.60 Beta released for Windows - Img Credit @ Opera.com
             The beta 11.60 browser’s integrated mail client permits one to control their emails automatically. In new beta version, Opera has simplified the design and prepared navigation even more perceptive.
             Opera has modified the browser to be further capable: Opera 11.60 beta is quicker at loading pages and exploits fewer recall memory on websites with many JavaScript.
             The company says in webpage that “this test version showcases the immense latest features of our next release but also holds bugs and may be unbalanced.

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