Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Windows 8 uses less memory than Windows 7: Microsoft

                    Microsoft has clarified difference between its both Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems. The company explained how the Windows 8 exploits less memory than its previous version Windows 7.
                     According to Microsoft’s Windows 8 blog post, Bill Karagounis, Microsoft’s senior executive clarifies that the main object of the firm was not to preserve the memory usage of Windows 7 but to decrease it essentially specified that Windows 8 will also be running ARM-powered devices which necessitate a less supply-intensive operating system to run.
Windows 8 uses less memory than Windows 7: Microsoft
Windows 8 uses less memory than Windows 7: Microsoft
                           The post also signifies, Microsoft Windows 8 is developed such that the operating system will search for same code on the memory and run a particular request of the code for numerous routes running. This practice is being identified memory combining.
                            Windows 8 also has less background OS services. The novel operating system will have 13 less services running in the background than Windows 7.
                           Several additional things similar to Windows Update, Plug and Play and others will also be run on Windows 8 on an as-desirable source.
                          The Windows 8 Metro style user interface also serves to minimize memory utilization particularly in smartphones and tablets where the OS will repeatedly “only initialize OS modules exclusive to the desktop background when required.”

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