Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Apple iOS 5 Vs Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich

               Conclusion is progressively being prepared between two one of the best and latest operating systems for smartphones and tablets, which released at the last weeks. Both Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Apple iOS 5 have amazed their particular communities.
               Google Android followers would hardly ever understand Apple’s hottest OS, while Apple followers will not at all and welcome everything slightly associated to Google’s Android OS. But although the challenge between the followers base of the 2 world’s most advanced operating systems, both arrives with abundant appealing functionalities and abilities.
              Apple was initiate to released its advanced version iOS 5 days before it unveiled iPhone 4S at the global market. Google has recently unveiled its Android 4.0 ICS and now planning to release source code of Android Ice Cream Sandwich for developers and businesses.
Apple iOS 5 Vs Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich
Apple iOS 5 Vs Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich
                Google Android 4.0 and Apple iOS 5 arrive with lots of incredible features. Android 4.0 if the initial incorporated edition for both smartphones and tablets. It arrives with superior voice orders, and face detection quality. In contrast Cupertino based tech giant’s hottest OS boasts of several majestic features together with BlackBerry iMessag besides obviously Siri and iCloud.
                 One more central phase that is going to formulate an authentic variation among Android 4 and iOS 5 is how the two present web browsing familiarity to their respective consumers. While as per my explanation, WP7 Mango update presents a frame to tech giant over the two, even so both search giant and Apple have prepared noteworthy upgrading in OS newly.
                 Google’s most modern version of the operating system arrives with a great enhanced its Chrome web browser that looked over and over enhanced than the prior version offered to Android customers. In contrast Apple iOS 5 has also established a great-required Safari patch up.

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